A New Proof of the Lester’s Perimeter Theorem in Euclidean Space

  • Oğuzhan Demirel Afyon Kocatepe University
  • Leyla Aslan
  • Damla TOPAL
Keywords: Euclidean geometry, Euclidean motion, The Beckman-Quarles theorem


An injection defined from Euclidean space  n-space E^n to itself which preserves the triangles of perimeter 1 is an Eucldean motion.   J. Lester gave two different proofs for this theorem in Euclidean plane [1] and Euclidean space [2]. In this study a new technique is developed for the proof of this theorem which is valid in both Euclidean plane  and Euclidean space.


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Demirel, Oğuzhan, Leyla Aslan, and Damla TOPAL. 2020. “A New Proof of the Lester’s Perimeter Theorem in Euclidean Space ”. Mathematical Journal of Interdisciplinary Sciences 8 (2), 57-59. https://doi.org/10.15415/mjis.2020.82007.