Unique Fixed Point Theorem for Weakly Inward Contractions and Fixed Point Curve in 2-Banach Space


  • P Riyas Department of Mathematics, K M M Govt. Women's College, Kannur, India-670004
  • KT Ravindran P G Department of Mathematics, Payyannur College, Kannur, India




2-normed space, 2-Banach Space, fixed point, weakly inward contraction, fixed point curve.


In this paper, we prove unique fixed point theorem for weakly inward contractions on 2-Banach space and introduce the concept of fixed point curve in 2-Banach space.
2010 AMS Classification: 41A65, 46B20,47H10, 54H25.


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P Riyas, and KT Ravindran. 2015. “Unique Fixed Point Theorem for Weakly Inward Contractions and Fixed Point Curve in 2-Banach Space”. Mathematical Journal of Interdisciplinary Sciences 3 (2):173-82. https://doi.org/10.15415/mjis.2015.32015.