Degree Based Multiplicative Connectivity Indices of Nanostructures

  • S Sunantha Department of Mathematics, Vivekananda College of Arts and Science (w), Sirkali, 637 305, Tamilnadu, India
  • P Gayathri Department of Mathematics, A.V.C.College (Autonomous), Mannampandal, Mayiladuthurai, 609 305 Tamilnadu, India
Keywords: Topological indices, Molecular graphs, degree based topological index, Phenylenic, multiplicative indices, Naphatalenic, Anthracene and Tetracenic nanotubes


The Multiplicative topological indices of Phenylenic, Naphatalenic, Anthracene and Tetracenic Nanotubes are calculated. The indices like Multiplicative Zagreb, Multiplicative Hyper-Zagreb, Multiplicative Sum connectivity, Multiplicative product connectivity, General multiplicative Zagreb, Multiplicative ABC and Multiplicative GA indices are expressed as a closed formula for the known values of s, t. The proposed formulae will be very useful for the study of nanostructure in the field of nanotechnology.


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