Maximal Left Ideals In Local Goldie (-1, 1) Rings


  • K Jayalakshmi Department of Mathematics, JNTUA College of Engg., (Autonomous) JNTUA University, Anantapur 515002, A.P., India



(-1, 1) rings, Quotient rings, local Goldie ring, nondegenerate


In this paper, we show how to reduce the study of nondegenerate local Goldie (-1, 1) rings to the strongly prime case, via the notions of uniform ideals and essential subdirect product. Also, we construct the maximal left quotient ring of (-1, 1) ring that is a left quotient ring of itself. We follow Utumi where a maximal left quotient ring is constructed as a direct limit of a partially defined homomorphism from the left ideal of R to R.


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