Almost Irresolute Functions Via Generalized Topology


  • A.P. Dhana Balan Department of Mathematics, Alagappa Govt. Arts College Karaikudi-630003, Tamil Nadu, India
  • R.M. Sivagama Sundari Department of Mathematics, Alagappa Govt. Arts College Karaikudi-630003, Tamil Nadu, India



Generalized topological space, almost irresolute; quasi (μ,σ) -irresolute, μ-semipreopen; almost (μ,σ)-irresolute


A function f : (X, μ ) → (Y, σ ) is said to be almost ( μ, σ ) - irresolute if f - 1 (V) ∈ so(X, μ ) for every regular semi-open set V of Y . In this paper the authors introduce and investigate almost ( μ , σ )- irresolute, quasi ( μ , σ )- irresolute on generalized topological space (X, μ ) into the topological space (Y, σ ) . Some characterizations and properties of such a type of functions are discussed.


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