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More on R-Union and R-Intersection of Neutrosophic Soft Cubic Set

R. Anitha Cruz and F. Nirmala Irudayam

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Neutrosophic soft cubic set, T-internal (resp. I- internal, F-internal) neutrosophic soft cubic sets, T-external (resp. I- external, F-external) neutrosophic soft cubic set, R-union, R-intersection of neutrosophic soft cubic set.

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R-unions and R-intersections, R-OR, R-AND of Neutrosophic soft cubic sets are introduced and related properties are investigated. We show that the R-union (R-intersection) of internal neutrosophic soft cubic set is also an internal neutrosophic soft cubic set. We show that the R-union and the R-intersection T-external (I-external, F-external) neutrosophic soft cubic sets are also T-external ( I-external, F-external) neutrosophic soft cubic sets. The conditions for the R-intersection of two cubic soft sets to be both an external neutrosophic soft cubic set and an internal neutrosophic soft cubic set. Further we provide a condition for the R- intersection and R union of two T-internal (I-internal, F-internal) neutrosophic soft cubic sets are T-external (I-external, F-external) neutrosophic soft cubic sets.

Page(s) 93–117
ISSN Print : 2278-9561, Online : 2278-957X
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