Math. J. Interdiscip. Sci.

Binet-Type Formula For The Sequence of Tetranacci Numbers by Alternate Methods

Gautam S. Hathiwala and Devbhadra V. Shah


Binet formula, Fibonacci sequence, Tetranacci sequence.

PUBLISHED DATE September 2017
PUBLISHER The Author(s) 2017. This article is published with open access at

The sequence {Tn} of Tetranacci numbers is defined by recurrence relation Tn= Tn-1 + Tn-2 + Tn-3 + Tn-4; n≥4 with initial condition T0=T1=T2=0 and T3=1. In this Paper, we obtain the explicit formulla- Binet-type formula for Tn by two different methods. We use the concept of Eigen decomposition as well as of generating functions to obtain the result.

Page(s) 37–48
ISSN Print : 2278-9561, Online : 2278-957X
DOI 10.15415/mjis.2017.61004
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