Math. J. Interdiscip. Sci.

Stochastic Reliability Analysis of Two Identical Cold Standby Units with Geometric Failure & Repair Rates

Nitin Bhardwaj and Bhupender Parashar


Geometric distribution, redundant system, discrete random variable

PUBLISHER The Author(s) 2016. This article is published with open access at

The present paper is based on the analysis of an two identical unit system wherein initially one unit is in operative state and other is in cold standby and total failure of the unit is via partial failure mode. Single repairman is always available with the system for any repair of failed unit (partially/ completely). Failure/repair time is considered to be a Geometric distribution. Measures of system effectiveness had also been calculated for the system

Page(s) 131–142
ISSN Print : 2278-9561, Online : 2278-957X
DOI 10.15415/mjis.2017.52010
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