Math. J. Interdiscip. Sci.

Certain Characterizations of Tight Gabor Frames on Local Fields



Frame, local field, Gabor frames.

PUBLISHER The author(s) 2015. This article is published with open access at

Gabor systems are generated by modulations and translations of a single function. Many researchers studied Gabor frames in Hilbert spaces. The concepts Gabor frames on local fields, first introduced by Li and Jiang. They studied the existence of a Gabor frame on local fields and also established some necessary conditions and two sufficient conditions of Gabor frame for local fields. Inspired by above paper, in this paper, we study certain characterizations of tight Gabor frames on the local fields of positive characteristic.

Page(s) 115–124
ISSN Print : 2278-9561, Online : 2278-957X
DOI 10.15415/mjis.2015.32010
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