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Fixed Points of Almost Generalized ( a , y) - Contractions with Rational Expressions



GVR Babu, KKM Sarma and VA Kumari


In this paper, we introduce almost generalized ( a, y) -contractions with rational expression type mappings and establish the existence of fixed points for such mappings in complete partially ordered metric spaces. Further, we define `Condition (H)’ and prove the existence of unique fixed point under the additional assumption `Condition (H)’. Our results generalize the results of Arshad, Karapinar and Ahmad [1] and Harjani, Lopez and Sadarangani [2].


α-admissible; ( a, y) -contraction mapping; generalized ( a, y) - contraction mapping; almost Jaggi contraction; almost generalized ( a, y) - contraction map with rational expression.


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